your story.

For decades I have listened to stories. Sitting with hundreds of different people listening to their truth is part of my “why”. Authentic stories involve real insight on what life looks like behind the curtain and curated feed. Because hey, I think we can all agree the only constant in this life is change, with things hardly ever going according to plan.


While so many of us try to forget, compartmentalize, numb ourselves, or feel shame because of the broken parts in our stories…the truth is this. Those pain points? The struggles, failures, embarrassments, highs, and lows all add up to who you are. They are a part of your truth, your why, your story and they make you relatable. They no longer have to be the thing you run away from.

We all want to be with people, follow people, buy products from people who embrace vulnerability, so the very thing you’re avoiding may be the very thing connecting you with countless others.

“Significant brands allow you to see inside, not just the surface stuff.”

The personal brand businesses that have clearly established their “why” will experience incredible success - why? You’ve heard it before, people want to buy from people. This human component in marketing is here to stay, so if you want to stand out from the crowd, stop to take some time and discover the purpose behind your voice.

“Any successful personal brand has clarity around three things: who you are + what you do + how you do it”

Doesn’t that sound more effective than living in wonder over who you are, lacking confidence in what you do, and confusion on how you do it?

In 2014, my husband created a company called Studio 8E8, a story-driven marketing agency with a focus on the dental industry. It’s been a blast working with him to develop and grow different ideas. One of those involved helping influencers develop their personal brands.

Finding simple ways to help individuals discover the clarity they need at the beginning of the branding process is extremely important and just happens to light me up.

If this resonates with you and you’re thinking, WOW…I’ve sat on my story, my why, my business idea for too long. If you’re ready to take the next step then let’s talk. No strings attached. I’ve got some ideas.