The Path From Associate to Startup Doc

And the “Baller” Instincts it Takes to Get There
Dr. Holly Baller

Welcome to Episode .005! I’m thrilled to introduce my next guest, Dr. Holly Baller. 

A little more about Holly…

Born in New York, Dr. Holly Baller moved to Aurora, Colorado during high school and has resided in the community ever since. She graduated from the University of Colorado magna cum laude, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and Chemistry, with distinct honors. While obtaining her undergraduate degree, she worked in a private orthodontic practice, which began her passion for dentistry and orthodontics. Following her passion, Dr. Baller was accepted to her alma mater, the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine. Go Buffs!

After Dr. Baller received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery, she joined the orthodontic practice, where she had worked while attending school. She helped forge the path for orthodontics as a paradigm shift was happening related to myofunction, airway and orthodontics, and whole-body wellness. Several of her cases were published in the book, The NEO Way.

Dr. Baller is fastidious about pursuing the most state-of-the-art advancements in dentistry and technology. She strives to constantly learn through hundreds of continuing education hours every year. In order to pursue a fellowship in implant dentistry, Dr. Baller completed a year-long implant continuum through The International Dental Implant Association. With her in-depth knowledge in these areas, she is widely sought-after as a consultant by dentists and orthodontists throughout the country.

We dove right in talking about Holly’s journey from working as an associate orthodontist for over seventeen years which was an overall positive experience. Holly is a high producer (let’s just say she is a ball of energy!) and was constantly busy with production. She was thankful for the mentorship she received from the owner doctor. 

Holly’s path from associate to practice ownership has been a dream and goal since she can remember. She firmly believes that you can change the culture within an existing practice. 

“Why can’t you create culture in an existing practice? People are growing and changing all the time. Culture is not set in stone.” 

With multiple acquisitions falling through, she decided to start a new practice in a thriving area she’s excited about in Aurora, CA. In four weeks only, she launched her practice in December of 2020 and loves providing whole-body wellness to all of her patients using a myofunction and airway and orthodontics philosophy of care. 

Dr. Holly Baller, I cannot thank you enough for taking this time to share your story and heart with us and for being on The Story Project podcast. 

If people want to stay in touch with Dr. Baller, you can find her here! 

@drhollyballer @ballerdentalortho

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