How to Foster Courageous Conversations

Katherine Eitel Belt
How to Foster Courageous Conversations How to Foster Courageous Conversations

In this episode of The Story Project, we're joined by Katherine Eitel Belt, a leading coach in unscripted communications and founder of Lionspeak. Katherine's journey into dentistry began as a chairside assistant as a mere job for gas money, but evolved into a passion for coaching, consulting, and communication.

We dive into the importance of courageous conversations in any professional setting. These discussions, she explains, are vital for clarity, setting boundaries, and aligning team goals. 

For women leaders particularly, there's often a fear that assertiveness may compromise their femininity or kindness. However, Katherine stresses that effective communication empowers individuals to express needs confidently without sacrificing these qualities. 

Drawing from her experience, Katherine underscores the transformative impact of coaching in leadership roles. Oftentimes  individuals, who are promoted into leadership roles, lack the necessary communication tools necessary to lead a team. Through guidance and coaching, leaders can inspire teams, fostering clarity and empowerment. Join us as we explore the power of courageous conversations in shaping successful leaders and cohesive teams.

“If there's any women listening to this that doubt how badly the industry needs what they have to offer, they should do some work on their belief structures and their belief systems and open up some new possibilities.”

Katherine Eitel Belt, CSP, Dentistry’s Unscripted Communications Coach!

LionSpeak Communications founder, international speaker, and performance coach, best known for helping professionals develop courageous, unscripted conversations with clients, co-workers, and audiences. Katherine’s coached thousands of professionals in U.S., Canada, and U.K. Keynoted for Care Credit, Henry Schein, Patterson Dental, Dentsply Sirona, Seattle Study Club, Pacific Dental Services.

Certified Speaking Professional (achieved by 17% of professional speakers worldwide.) SCN founding member, ADMC past president, faculty instructor for Dental Business Institute, Dental Speakers Institute, and Texas Tech University Dental School, AADOM/ASCA, DEW Board Advisor Emeritus, Linda Miles Spirit Award, Dental Festival 2023 Speaker of the Year, Nifty Awards Favorite Dental Speaker.

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