How Finding Your ‘White Space’ is the First Step to a Successful Dental Practice

Dr. Summer Kassmel
How Finding Your ‘White Space’ is the First Step to a Successful Dental PracticeHow Finding Your ‘White Space’ is the First Step to a Successful Dental Practice

Finding Your Own Ladder to Success with Dr. Summer Kassmel

In this episode of The Story Project, I sat down (again!) with Dr. Summer Kassmel, a prominent figure in dentistry. Summer shares her journey from owning her own practice, to despising the career she once loved. She realized her dedication to her practice led her to neglect many of the things most important to her, so she decided to make a change.

Determined to reclaim her passion, Summer shares how she transitioned into dental consulting. Summer found a new purpose in teaching fellow dentists and practice owners the art of "White Space," advocating for scheduled downtime to foster creativity while preventing burnout.

Summer's journey highlights the unique challenges women face in the dental industry, inspiring her to establish Ladder5 Coaching. Through this initiative, she empowers women to redefine success on their own terms, recognizing the numerous paths available for professional fulfillment. From her own experiences to her transformative work with the Dental Success Institute & Ladder5, Summer's story serves as a beacon of hope and guidance for women navigating the demanding landscape of dentistry.

“There are so many ladders you can climb to success.”

To learn more about Ladder5 you can contact Summer at Don’t miss our first podcast episode together HERE.

Summer Kassmel is the owner of two group offices in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in CO. She was able to remove herself from clinical dentistry in 2014 and since then has created online training companies for front office team members and hygienists, as well as helping doctors start dental assistant schools in their own offices. She is also a black belt coach and speaker with DSI since 2019 and owns Ladder5 Coaching, which focuses on helping women doctors create lives they love and define success for themselves. Ladder5 helps women understand their metrics and profitability while learning to lead as a female without leaning too heavily into masculine characteristics.

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