Building Community Instead of Competition in Dentistry

Anne Duffy
Building Community Instead of Competition in DentistryBuilding Community Instead of Competition in Dentistry

Welcome to the 14th episode of The Story Project podcast, I am so excited for this conversation with one of my favorite women in the world - Anne Duffy.

CEO and Founder Anne Duffy created Dental Entrepreneur Media to impact the dental profession. Through their membership platforms, social media channels, Podcasts, digital and print magazines, and retreats, they have created communities of influencers that come together to share their stories. Dental Entrepreneur: Business Beyond the Classroom, founded in 1998, spawned Dental Entrepreneur: The Future of Dentistry, and in 2016 Anne conceived Dental Entrepreneur Woman (DeW Life), committed to inspiring, empowering, and connecting all women in dentistry. She is building the DeW community to advance women in dentistry and the causes they advocate. Dental Entrepreneur and Dental Entrepreneur Woman are membership platforms with robust and compelling benefits. 

Anne recently celebrated her retirement from 46 years of clinical hygiene with her cherished members of DeW Life, we at Studio 8E8 had the opportunity to work together on a content session with Anne and it was amazing! We loved having her and her husband, Tom, here in Columbus with us and can’t wait to champion her in everything she does for years to come.

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