Answering the Call For Leadership in Dentistry

Dr. Kris Aadland
Answering the Call For Leadership in DentistryAnswering the Call For Leadership in Dentistry

Dr. Kristine opened her first practice during the longest economic downturn since World War II. Was there magic in her approach? Not at all. She is a technology geek who is dental phobic, so she combined the best technology available with a patient-first approach and grew her practice into what it is today. 

Dr. Kris’s practice has a digital technology flow that honors patient’s busy schedules and has brought exponential growth to her business. She began to lecture when she discovered that very few women stood behind the podium. Become the change you want to see has become a personal mantra for Dr. Kris as she encourages other women to engage in the educational side of dentistry. 


Welcome to The Story Project, an engaging video-driven podcast, exclusively featuring the inspiring stories of women leaders in dentistry, showcasing the depth and diversity of their experiences. In a world hungry for genuine connections, we believe that real conversations are everything! Join us for a behind-the-scenes look where we unravel the stories that define you – why you chose dentistry, the triumphs and challenges of the profession, and the legacy you aspire to create. 

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