The Power Behind Your Calling

I was raised as a preacher’s kid in a growing area of Columbus, Ohio. Being the oldest of four, I quickly learned to take the lead. It also helped that our home was a nurturing environment for a young woman with big dreams. At a young age, my dad took over a small organization which provided food and clothing to people trapped in poverty. Forty years later, this food pantry has expanded into a multifaceted family-resource center providing critically needed services across central Ohio. The best part? It inspires hope. My upbringing shaped a strong desire in me to want to help people. For nearly two decades, I threw myself into vocational pastoral ministry and investing in people, especially students, was one of the greatest joys of my early years.

Working with students and families provided hundreds of opportunities to listen to stories. Without fail, each story would lead to a conversation around their search for purpose, met with big eyes wondering what it could be. Regardless of gender or age, we all have one thing in common: We are searching for that spark. A purpose that lights your heart on fire. It fuels your adrenaline, helps you jump out of bed excited in the morning, but at the same time makes it hard to switch off your brain at night. Your heart rate increases thinking of it even now. This is your “why.” It’s a huge part of who you are and what you’re meant to do with your life. It is your calling. 

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