The Mental Health of Dentistry


Even in the year 2020, somehow the topic of mental health can be seen as uncomfortable. Taboo, even. Something we talk about to our closest loved ones, or maybe just to a therapist. Definitely not something we discuss openly to colleagues, and certainly not online. The bigger question is, “why not?" A couple weeks ago, I reached out to half a dozen practice owners and began a conversation around emotional and mental health. Amazingly, they weren’t afraid to talk about the subject, even with the social stigmas and stereotypes that we all know exist in the industry. The promise of a safe and open dialogue around their personal struggles and triumphs with mental wellness led to four fantastic interviews with four amazing docs. Please join me as we dive into honest conversations around a topic that doesn’t attract a lot of attention, and yet is foundational to our everyday health and happiness.

To read or listen to the four incredible conversations I had with Dr. Shakila Angadi, Dr. Jennifer Miller, Dr. Sarah Mertz and Dr. Brandon Prior, check them out here: at S8E8 or watch the full version of these interviews please check out The 8E8 Show