Dentistry's Perspective on 2020

In 2020, a global health pandemic wreaked unexpected havoc on our communities, schools, families and industries changing the way we live, breathe and do business forever. Dentistry shut down for three months, and most offices were providing emergency care only. Dentists were suddenly told they had to stop doing what they loved. That despite the high-demand for their services, they were forced to shut their doors. That all of the blood, sweat, tears, and sleepless nights spent building and crafting their dream practice no longer mattered. How does one survive a time like this.

Because I am not a dentist, I can’t tell you how that felt or what I did to push through those months of silence in the dental profession. Good news, though: I reached out to a group of docs (truly amazing humans), and, of course, they generously gave us some real-time feedback. In addition to the hard questions, there are some fun ones to lighten the mood. Let’s take a moment to lean in and listen. Grab your coffee, chai tea, or glass of wine and take a look at a year in review by your friendly, neighborhood spider-man...I mean dentist.

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